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components that were/are carried out without any participation of CEN and CENELEC Members.
Under the terms, the stockholders of CEN Biotech would own 80% of Incumaker and Incumaker would own 100% of CEN Biotech.
Other objectives are the uniform application of international ISO and IEC standards in the CEN Member States, cooperation with all European organizations for standardization, the provision of certification services in accordance with European standards (Euro norm).
The CEN turned its attention as well to various human rights issues, including the "shameful social phenomenon" of violence against women, which continues to plague the country despite the implementation two years ago of Ley 779, Nicaragua's "femicide law" (NotiCen, July 26, 2012, and Feb.
The project's technical activities will be formally inaugurated by the CEN WS-LT at its January meeting, scheduled for 17th January 2013 in Brussels.
As further advantages, VINNOL CEN 2752 is plasticizer-free and has a lower formaldehyde content than conventional self-crosslinking vinyl chloride copolymer dispersions.
However, all the CEN Workshop 10 reports will shortly be made available on the website www.
CEN Step is a foundation program designed to prepare high school students intending to pursue university education in Canada, or any other English speaking country.
Accordingly, at its plenary meeting on April 1 the CEN Workshop resolved to propose to ISO that it establish a specialist group to consider a range of anti-counterfeiting standards.
Manuel Espino, presidente del CEN, habia adelantado su posicion desde que se encargo a la Comision Interna de Elecciones un informe sobre la eleccion de los jovenes panistas: No avalaria un resultado producto de la manipulacion y preferia, en todo caso, que el Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federacion (TEPJF) impusiera al dirigente juvenil del PAN.
Following a decision by the CEN General Assembly, BDS joined the existing 29 CEN members, representing the standardisation bodies of the other 26 EU and three EFTA countries.