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Winston, managing director of CHEI and director of San Diego State Universitys School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.
In order to compare changes over time for MMSE, ADAS-Cog, and ADL scores between the two patient groups: those receiving ChEIs alone and those treated by the combination ChEIs and Gb, linear mixed effect models with random intercept and random slope were used to take into account the heterogeneity of baseline scores and individual slopes over time.
12-14) In addition, evidence suggests that increasing levels of acetylcholine by using ChEIs can enhance cognitive function.
But preliminary studies of patients with moderate to severe dementias treated with ChEIs suggest that such patients might obtain better outcomes in terms of cognition and functional measures, compared with patients given placebo (Int.
Additionally, and of more obvious clinical relevance, some evidence suggests that ChEIs may be helpful in controlling behavioral disturbances (for example, agitation, aggression, combativeness) that commonly complicate advanced dementia (Int.