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Curing of the product in the field--field documentation of the CIPP cure schedule, based on manufacturer's recommendations; and
Shotcrete was the method of choice when the pipes had voids too large to bridge with CIPP which would prevent the bag from inverting properly or might expand into the voids, or when there were odd-shaped pipes that the lining companies could not accommodate.
There is little to no disruption to surrounding areas during the installation of CIPP.
Avila, CIPP, vice president - counsel, chief privacy officer, The Walt Disney Company.
Unlike traditional CIPP, the RS Technik process includes a computer controlled, mobile wet-out and mixing unit.
The CIPP is part of Qwest's ongoing commitment to make the Internet safer for customers and is available to residential and small-business Qwest Broadband ADSL(*) customers at no additional charge.
Many municipalities now require that a NASSCO-trained inspector be on a CIPP project site during installation.
CIPP certification stresses the definitions, concepts and applications of U.
HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has introduced a new cured-in-place pipe sewer lateral lining system for installing CIPP liners.
6 million - a move that will double the expected installations of Inliner Technologies' method of cured-in-place pipe, and make it the second largest CIPP company in the U.
The company says that the new CIPP technology shows a reduction in styrene permeation of more than 99% in current systems while maintaining the performance benefits of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), including abrasion, tear, and chemical resistance; low-temperature flexibility; and a wide range of properties.