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And the good news is that you can pick up a standard CLA 180 Sport for PS17,000 less, at PS24,775, and it still looks very mean and classy yet has a much more palatable 50.
Mercedes board member Ola Kallenius said: "Like its big brother, the CLS Shooting Brake, the CLA Shooting Brake is targeted at active customers who are looking outside of the mainstream for a car that impresses with a high utility value.
The test CLA was nimble in its handling, though the ride was quite firm, thanks to an optional sport suspension.
Since this finding, CLA has been researched in broad fields of science and reported to be positive to health.
CLA affords those afflicted with mild to moderate IBD an effective treatment without the unwanted side effects of many synthetic drugs.
After 6 months, the children consuming the chocolate milk with Clarinol CLA showed a significant improvement of BMI and body composition compared with the placebo group.
The type of CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, that the team investigated is known as "trans-10, cis-12 CLA" and is found in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and some dietary supplements.
The study population consisted of 53 children who were overweight or obese and were randomized into two groups: a f CLA group (n=28) and a placebo group (n=25).
CLA group was fed diet containing CLA (1%) substituting for equal amount of soybean oil in the basal diet.
Clarinol[TM] CLA is the premier brand of conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid hailed as the big weight management ingredient for functional foods.
A CLA licence is generally required for any routine copying in the workplace from books, journals or periodicals, either by photocopying or by making digital scans.
If you are interested in a virtual brochure, which provides manufacturers, end users, and other industry participants with an overview of the Strategic Analysis of the Global CLA Markets, send an e-mail to Vanessa Quezada - Corporate Communications at vanessa.