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We look forward to executing this Cool:Gen project with the same high levels of quality and service that we have been able to achieve in similar modernization projects that we have implemented.
BluePhoenix converted COOL:Gen programs to native IMS 3270 COBOL, resulting in a 30 percent code base reduction as well as significant projected savings in maintenance costs, developer resources, and license fees.
By enabling teams of developers to model new components quickly and easily, and then automatically generate the appropriate code, COOL:Gen has helped AMGA quickly develop an open, secure eBusiness environment capable of adapting to changing business requirements.
Both COOL:Gen and COOL:Joe are designed specifically to help organizations fully utilize existing development resources to implement new technologies like EJB.
COOL:Gen allows companies to reduce development costs and speed the time-to-market for Web-based applications.
CA), the world's leading eBusiness solutions provider, announced today that AMX International (AMX), a preeminent information technology consulting firm, is using CA's COOL:Gen software to develop its robust front office customer-centric billing and Geographical Information System (GIS) solution for the utilities and energy market.
CA), the world's leading provider of eBusiness solutions, announced today the latest release of COOL:Gen 6.
Other enhancements to RescueWare in this new release include expanded support for legacy and modern platforms -- such as PL/I, Natural/ADABAS, COOL:Gen, and COBOL for Unisys 2200 and HP/3000 -- as well as significant productivity and usability upgrades to its industry-leading graphical workbench.
In addition to StarBase's StarTeam and Mercury Interactive's TestDirector, the CorTEST architecture includes application development tools such as Sterling's COOL:Gen, automated testing tools such as Mercury Interactive's Winrunner(R) and Qronus', and requirement management tools such as TBI's Caliber-RM.
Through planned enhancements to COOL:Gen(TM), we will offer a variety of alternatives for integrating existing enterprise application assets, and we will extend the support for web-enabling existing COOL:Gen applications to support the use of Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs)," said Mark A.
COOL:Biz, COOL:Spex, COOL:Gen and COOL:Plex are trademarks of Sterling Software.