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Now with the success and rapid growth of our Cinema EOS products we felt it was time that cinema professionals were also provided with a level of CPS support that is able to address their unique needs," said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Imaging Technologies & Communications Group, Canon U.
National Stores, Canon's official distributor of imaging solutions in the UAE will be Canon's authorised service provider for CPS in the country, it was reported.
CPS was already one of the best known brand names in the liquid processing sector and its purchase by Tetra Pak has further strengthened its dominance.
The union monitors the school's progress every two weeks and meets regularly with staff from the CPS central office.
We are very appreciative," said Richard Adams, vice president of Operations and Engineering for CPS.
Mr Bowes said: 'I believe we beat Energis and Opal because of our commitment to CPS and our input to the many CPS industry groups.
The safest water to give CPs is either rainwater or distilled water, which is available at some supermarkets.
This difference in interpreting reportability was attributed to the fact that therapists have a greater personal liability to report abuse than do CPS workers.