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Security: CPU brings security to the PowerBook by giving users a choice of Connectix' unique graphic-based or traditional password security to protect sensitive data whether the PowerBook is unattended, shut down or asleep.
Second, the models consist of fine-grained histograms, which must be exercised with Monte Carlo simulations in order to predict CPU usage.
ISA slots communicate with your CPU at 8 MHz and PCI slots communicate with your CPU at 33 MHz.
Finally, configure the above mentioned CPU, memory, and adaptor resource pool to be shared with the heavy hitting servers/ applications--whenever it is needed.
The D-Tek FuZion CPU block's advantage is a unique base plate that delivers more efficient thermal control than existing water blocks.
More important than a disk's access time is the service time: A disk's service time is the time required for the CPU to get the data to or from the disk.
In fact, it can only be a best effort strategy, because the CPU at the heart of software appliances is limited to performing only one task at a time.
develops RISC CPU cores, the SuperHyway Bus on-chip interconnect and software development tools.
Total throughput per hour: 108,551 Utility Reference Customers (URCs) Meter reading order creation/hour: 2,177,200 Meter reading order output/hour: 1,285,255 Upload of meter reading results/hour: 1,815,431 Billing of contracts/hour: 1,809,045 Invoicing contract accounts/hour: 723,037 Printout of contract accounts/hour: 317,741 CPU utilization: 94% Operating System: Solaris 8 RDBMS: Oracle 9i mySAP IS-U/CCS Release: 4.
Static electricity can render a perfectly good CPU worthless.
The CPU presented its bargaining agenda to Abitibi-Price on April 2 and, according to Woods, talks are expected to begin this month.
The Test and Measurement Business Unit of CPU Technology, Inc.