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The last residence permit granted to the family by the CRMD expired on June 30.
We are delighted these data indicate clinicians are using AIGIS in the full spectrum of CRMD implant procedures.
The CDC estimates that approximately one million hospital acquired infections each year are associated with indwelling devices and CMS has indicated that CRMD devices may be added to the "no-pay" list of hospital acquired complications which will be excluded from Medicare coverage in 2010.
CRMD patients in 2010 will receive an AIGISRx envelope during their procedure.
a leader in the development and commercialization of combination drug-device products, announced today that it has provided a grant for a complimentary live CME webcast hosted by leading physicians entitled, "New Standards of Care for CRMD Antibiotic Protection.
i-Man will be used to manage engineering and manufacturing documents at the CRMD enterprise level.
Jude Medical CRMD recently selected Datasweep for a global solution for manufacturing.