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Results of CSCW supported collaborative GIS data production: An internet-based solution.
Linkability | This term is borrowed from coordinative artifacts studied in the context of CSCW [36].
This is particularly relevant in the context of cognitive theories applied for CSCW, such as Distributed Cognition [15].
In the context of human activities and CSCW, Activity Theory and Distributed Cognition remark the importance of the environment--and in particular of the tools available in the environment--for governing the complexity of cooperative / social work, in particular for its analysis and construction.
6] Leslie Monplaisir, "An integrated CSCW architecture for integrated product/process design and development", Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Vol.
1998), Toucan Navigate (Toucan 2007) and GroupArc (Churcher and Churcher 1996), focused primarily on combining GIS with CSCW software (groupware).
2) Can it work easily with other tools such as CSCW tools, 3D tools and other multimedia tools?
Some general characteristics and aspects of collaboration related to information seeking and retrieval that have been mentioned in the CSCW literature are: Asynchronous or synchronous communication could be human and/or computer-based (e.
The combination of GIS and CSCW raises exciting possibilities.
It explores the design problem from a CSCW perspective and considers questions such as: How do the collaborators communicate using geocollaboration software?