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Groupware is the term used to describe the technology developed by researches in CSCW [4] and can be seen as a computer tools collection, people and work processes operating in synchronized way in an organization.
Proceedings of the ACM CSCW '98 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (pp.
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En otras palabras, el BSCW es un ejemplo de CSCW, mientras que Synergeia es una aplicacion CSCL.
CSCW systems are often categorized according to the preceding time/location matrix using the distinction between same time (synchronous) and different times (asynchronous), and between same place (face-to-face) and different places (distributed).
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Collective memory community memory, computer-supported cooperative work, CSCW, field studies, group memory?
Just as teleworking (the hot topic of the mid- to late 1980s) presented management with the certain challenge of relinquishing their "control trip" (if I can't see you, you can't be working), so, too, groupware and CSCW bring with them a new set of supervisory and management demands.
A substantial body of research is readily available on audio-only and computer-based CSCW products and services (e.
From Single-User Architectural Design to PAC*: A Generic Software Architecture Model for CSCW.