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We only operated on one patient with acute subdural hematoma out of the 195 patients hospitalized with CT scan performed in the ED (0.
YOUNGSTERS who have CT scans are more likely to get cancer than those who do not, a study suggests.
CT scans can also decrease surgeries; CT scans for patients with abdominal pain reduced the number of unnecessary appendectomies in women aged 45 and younger from 42.
Researchers estimate that for every 10,000 head CT scans given to children aged ten years or younger, one more case of leukaemia and one more brain tumour would be diagnosed as a result.
BALANCE THE RISK Professor Sir Alan Craft WARNING Newcastle University''s Dr Mark Pearce who led the new CT scan research
Results showed children younger than 15 would receive enough radiation from two to three head CT scans to triple their risk of developing brain cancer.
The time period between CT scan and endoscopy ranged from the same day to a maximum of 176 days with a mean of 32 days.
Dear EarthTalk: Should I fear radiation exposure associated with medical scans such as CT scans, mammograms and the like?
The overdose was only "accidentally" discovered after 18 months when one patient reported losing patches of hair following a CT scan.
More often, false-positives become apparent when patients have a follow-up CT scan or chest X-ray anywhere from a few months to a year later.
A CT scan in May showed no change, but the radiologist noted that "the possibility of malignancy cannot be excluded.