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Nine participants who did not provide complete data on the CTDS and four who failed to properly follow instructions in completing the scales were excluded from further analysis, resulting in a final sample of 197 participants.
In terms of concurrent validity, there was a very high correlation between the CTDA overall score and the CTDS overall score (r = 0.
Seek out a CTDS that is based on FDA and other global requirements and designed to absorb and validate changes as quickly as possible.
Some of the injuries that are considered to be CTDS include: * Carpal tunnel syndrome, in which repeated use of a tool compresses the median nerve in the wrist.
Xignal's CTDS based XT11 family requires no sample and hold circuit to function, but rather uses a simple, current driven (resistive) input stage.
Xignal has already demonstrated the CTDS technology in the laboratory and is preparing first commercial products to be released in the coming months.