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The CTO has acted as a catalyst for the establishment and operation of new airlines in Cyprus, as well as the expansion of current airlines' flying schedules," the CTO said.
Among 846 coronary angiographies conducted over a period of 6 months, 171 patients were found out to have CTO of one or more arteries, which were 20% of the total coronary angiograms (table).
The person must also be determined to be able to comply with the treatment or care requirements set out in the CTO.
As the various activities identified by the literature illustrate, the CTO role has an increased level of strategic responsibility and correspondingly less day-to-day operational management responsibility; where the head of R&D might focus on the R&D organization, the CTO must recognize how technology can change and impact the business and ongoing activities across the entire organization.
Greg Johnson wears two hats as CTO and director of IT technology and engineering services at the Richmond, Va.
The President has not indicated whether he intends to establish a CTO position by executive order or other administrative process, or whether he will seek legislation.
If the FLSA does not apply, California law permits CTO for nonexempt employees if all of the following conditions are met:
Retaining a CTO who reports to the CEO for strategy, and a CIO who reports to the COO for operations
Tables L, M, and N in the Appendix show the relationship between size of company as measured by assets and the percentage of companies at which the CTO is a member of the company's general policy group, the CTO regularly attends meetings of the general policy group and whether the tax department is represented on corporate-wide committees respectively.
Taking action, the CTO held inquiry against the accused wardens.
Tourism and Aviation Minister Dionisio D'Aguilar was yesterday announced as the new chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) during a press conference at CTO Caribbean week in New York City.