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The counsel or group of advisers of a king or other chief executive of a government. A group of individuals who advise the president of the United States.

The president's cabinet was created by custom and tradition and was instituted by the first president. The heads of each of the executive departments of the government, including the Secretary of State, the secretary of the treasury, the secretary of defense, the attorney general, the secretary of the interior, the secretary of agriculture, the secretary of commerce, the secretary of labor, the secretary of health and human services, the secretary of education, the secretary of housing and urban development, and the secretary of transportation, comprise the cabinet.


Executive Branch.

See: agency, bench, board, body, chamber, commission, committee


in the constitutional law of the UK, as a result of various conventions, the executive part of the British government. Beginning as a group of special advisers to the crown, the lack of interest shown by monarchs in the 18th century meant that the Crown took little part in their deliberations. Parliament was concerned about this practice, and as early as the Act of Settlement of 1700 had tried to restrain the practice. Nonetheless, the Reform Act of 1832, extending the franchise, meant that the support of the House of Commons was ever more important. Accordingly, whoever had support there could have the direct link to the Crown, which was the essence of the Cabinet. The acceptance of the limited role of monarchy and the increase in representation have increased the status of the Cabinet so that it is now effectively the executive branch of government answerable to Parliament and requiring to legislate through Parliament with the Crown but in practical day-to-day matters being able to carry through all business subject to the duty of doing so in accordance with the policy of Parliament. It is entirely distinct from the Privy Council, whose meetings take precedence, but naturally many of the same individuals sit on both. Members of the Cabinet are usually ministers and are appointed by the Crown on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. There are usually about 20 members, and the existence of the Cabinet, although a matter of convention, has been noticed in legislation and judicial decision. It has a secretariat, and in modern times it keeps records, including minutes. Members subscribe to a doctrine of collective responsibility under which dissension in Cabinet is silenced after a decision, and all abide and promote that course. The Cabinet is responsible as a whole to Parliament under this doctrine.

CABINET. Certain officers who taken collectively make a board; as, the president's, cabinet, which is usually composed of the secretary of state, secretary of the treasury, the attorney general, and some others.
     2. These officers are the advisers of the president.

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Asking as to why his NDPP only got four Cabinet Ministers while BJP, which won lesser seats than them in the just concluded General Election in the State, got six Cabinet Ministers, he explained that though numerically NDPP won more seats than BJP.
Shadow Cabinet Minister Jon Trickett said: "Theresa May has become more dependent than ever on a tiny group of elite donors that pay huge sums of money for privileged access to her and Cabinet ministers.
Article 56; (a) All cabinet ministers, deputy and assistant cabinet ministers, ambassadors, ministers and consuls, superintendents of counties and other government officials, both military and civilian, appointed by the President pursuant to this Constitution shall hold their offices at the pleasure of the President.
Overall, Cabinet ministers are five times more likely to have gone to a fee-paying school than the general population.
The move come weeks after Taban removed all cabinet ministers who had been appointed by his predecessor, Andrea Mayar Acho.
This is insensible statement and the cabinet ministers should not make such irresponsible remarks.
He pointed out that the Cabinet Ministers who were with him visited and examined various facilities and infrastructural areas -- including the clinic, R.
Modifying its earlier order, the court has ruled that photos of governors, chief ministers and Cabinet ministers can also feature in the advertisements by central and state governments published in print media and shown on electronic media to announce various schemes and greet the public on various occasions.
A conservative attempt to fire a second Rohani cabinet minister flopped last week as the Majlis voted to keep Education Minister Ali-Asghar Fani in office with the support of almost two-thirds of the deputies.
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Insisting on a package deal for both Maharashtra and the federal government, Shiv Sena boycotted the swearing-in ceremony of the new ministers, asked minister designate Anil Desai to fly back to Mumbai from Delhi airport and instructed its lone minister in the government Anant Geete to resign as the cabinet minister.
Because indecision and incompetence in Downing Street, with senior Cabinet Ministers contradicting each other, does not instil confidence.