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Such files include so-called cookie files, history files, cache files, browser files and temporary Internet files.
For block reads from the virtual volume that have changed, OTM will read only those blocks from the hard drive's cache file, resulting in slightly slower file access to the backup.
WAFS products will cache files in a read-write mode at remote locations, thus speeding up data access for remote users tremendously.
The Utilities and Cleansweep programs get rid of temporary cache files, history items, and cookies and provide single-button checks of the system.
0 software, the guts of the company's caching appliances, which adds the ability to cache files for video-on-demand applications.
The program enables you to get rid of Internet cache files, temp files, duplicate and junk files, it costs $39.
US-based data availability systems provider Ontrack has launched Internet Cleanup, its new software designed to automatically and permanently remove Internet tracking data - such as cookies, history and cache files and plug-ins - from computer hard drives.
CARP, or Caching Array Routing Protocol, is a technology that allows cache files that are spread across several proxies to be accessed as though they existed in one large pool, essentially allowing two or more proxy servers to work together as one.
District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, Northeast Division, seeks access to the ``cookie'' files, Web browser history files and computer cache files for the city's 35 computers.
The API includes functions to create, modify and delete zones, prime and purge cache files, list and update users and create all of the various reports.
The free Clean Master app for Android improves mobile device performance by cleaning cache files, optimizing device memory and providing complete protection against viruses, Trojans and malware.
They can delete the cache files of apps and uninstall those no longer in use.