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16) Courts in Alaska and Georgia have held that cache files are only evidence of prior viewing, which does not satisfy their possession statutes without some additional evidence of dominion or control.
US-based data availability systems provider Ontrack has launched Internet Cleanup, its new software designed to automatically and permanently remove Internet tracking data, such as cookies, history and cache files and plug-ins, from computer hard drives.
Not only does this cookie utility rid your system of unwanted cookies, it also sweeps out other unwanted debris, newsgroup activity, cache files and history databases.
One of the best features is the fact that board members can cache files for offline use.
They can delete the cache files of apps and uninstall those no longer in use.
also comes with a System Clean-up utility which deletes files that you don't need, such as Windows Log files, Windows temporary files, files in the \Windows\temp folder, your Internet cache files, files in your Recycle Bin, unused DLL files etc.
The NetReady product model called Cluster Manager is at the top of the line: it's specified to support two or more libraries and up to 200 users with 100GB of HDD capacity and 128MB of onboard RAM to cache files from those libraries' media.
This allows, for example, the ability to exclude large but non-essential user files such as Outlook OST cache files and Windows index files from being included in NxTop's automated user data backups.
Every time you browse, apps keep cache files to easily load them.
iClean sweeps away Web surfing tracks by cleaning out Web cache files, cookies, and Web history tracks, forms, passwords, recent documents, find documents profiles and search assistants, find computers, and index.
This program performs thousands of automated checks against web history, Internet favorites and bookmarks, Web cache files, stored documents and photos, and installed programs to identify content unsuitable for children.