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CADASTRE. A term derived from the French, which has been adopted in Louisiana, and which signifies the official statement of the quantity and value of real property in any district, made for the purpose of justly apportioning the taxes payable on such property. 3 Am. St. Pap. 679; 12 Pet. 428, n.

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Currently there is a sufficient number of land-surveyors in our country as well as higher requirements set for land plot marking on a real estate cadastral map.
23) In 1863, the first comprehensive Queensland-produced cadastral maps of the Darling Downs District became available.
By the time the British took over the Mandate of Palestine, the discrepancies between Ottoman cadastral survey of deeds (which were dislocated from general large-scale topographical maps) and the occulted Jewish cadastral maps (which, though unofficial, were integrated with underlying topographical points of reference) were resolved by bringing the Jewish cadastral maps out of the shadows.
Australian cadastral maps lack a clear series statement, so ordinarily it would not be possible to retrieve a full set of a state's cadastral maps for browsing purposes.
It replicates a conventional cadastral map with all the linework and lots and complete annotation.
He informed that sums of BGN 13 M would be necessary in 2015 and in 2016 so that by end-2017 some 40% of Bulgaria's territory was included in cadastral maps and registers.
Numerous points were sought out alongside the boundaries of municipalities, so that has been ensured the continuity among TS at contacts of cadastral maps of neighboring municipalities.
PATH's geographically dispersed teams work together to create cadastral maps - using ProjectWise to manage data on infrastructure, topology, and property ownership, as well as information from remote field surveyors.
Petersburg, Krasnodar and Omsk use the Computer-assisted Cadastral Mapping System (CACMS) developed by the FLCS using Intergraph software as the backbone of modern production facilities that supply cadastral maps and orthophoto plans to land management authorities.
Open Competition: Provision of training arrangements of land on cadastral maps or cadastral plan of the area, preparing survey plans of land and setting them on the cadastral registration
The information managed includes all of Istanbul's maps: 7,000 photogrammetric maps, 500 orthophoto maps, satellite images, city plans, cadastral maps, master plans.
The Intergraph solutions are the backbone of modern production facilities supplying cadastral maps and orthophoto plans to land management authorities.