Caesarian operation

CAESARIAN OPERATION, med. juris. An incision made through the parietes of the abdomen and uterus to extract the foetus. It is said that Julius Caesar was born in this manner. When the child is cut out after the death of the mother, his coming into being in this way confers on other persons none of the rights to which they would have been entitled if he had been born, in the usual course of nature, during her life. For example, his father would not be tenant by the curtesy; for to create that title, it ought to begin by the birth of issue alive, and be consummated by the death of the wife. 8 Co. Rep. 35; 2 Bl. Com. 128 Co. Litt. 29 b.; 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 264 Coop. Med. Jur. 7; 1 Fodere, Med. Leg. Sec. 334. The rule of the civil law on this subject will be found in Dig. lib. 50, t. 16, 1. 132 et 141; lib. 5, t. 2, 1. 6; lib. 28, t. 2, 1. 12.

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Jhumni had given birth to an underweight baby girl through a Caesarian operation at the hospital.
Manila: World boxing champion and congressman Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee welcomed their fifth child, who was delivered by a caesarian operation in the southern Philippines on Sunday.
An investigation committee separately concluded that the Caesarian operation should have been conducted earlier.
25 kg and 51 cm boy appeared at 10 am and was delivered by a Caesarian operation by Dr.
The medical team, therefore, carried out an emergency caesarian operation to save the mother," he said.
Ahlam caught a virus after having a caesarian operation to give birth to her third baby.
Her devastated mother blamed hospital staff, telling Birmingham Coroner's Court they appeared "clueless" and were too late in performing a caesarian operation.
POLICE patrols have been stepped up in a North Wales town after a pregnant woman was attacked by burglars and later had to have an emergency Caesarian operation.
He was being taken to Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil, along with his older brother and sister, to see their mother Suzanne, who was awaiting a Caesarian operation.
Then, because of limited space, she was moved again two days later to Oldham where she finally gave birth by Caesarian operation 31 weeks into the pregnancy.
We have 12 new-born pups, who have been orphaned after their mother Droopys Gaby [sister to Droopys Gloria and Intruder] very sadly, and unexpectedly died of a heart attack during a caesarian operation.
Sarah had a rough time of it because she had been in labour for 17 hours before she underwent an emergency caesarian operation but I'm delighted and relieved to report that both mother and baby are now doing fine and should be allowed to leave hospital in the next couple of days.