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The ruthless manner in which these circles stifled the alleged second-rate thinkers induced many to claim that they also discriminated against innovations (such as Jevon's marginalism and Cliffe Leslie's historicism), or settled scores (such as the way Cairnes belittled his TCD contemporaries) or favoured insiders (such as the favourable treatment of the clubbable Fawcett compared to the shabby treatment of Hearn in distant Melbourne).
CREDITS: Directed, written by Colin Cairnes, Cameron Cairnes.
The paper I wrote on Cairnes led to another paper on the effects of monetary policy on relative prices that was published in the Journal of Political Economy, and that got me a lot of attention in the States.
Cairnes, of Middlesbrough, insisted he was innocent even after being found guilty of three rapes and two assaults.
By spring 2005, White, Cairnes, and Dusci were conjuring up and sharing projects that would integrate iPods into curriculum.
At 36, Cairnes would have been only just out of short trousers when his new company last took to the racecourse, but he knows all about the value of horseracing for pushing a gambling brand image.
Cairnes (1934) and Hedley (1952) wrote the two most significant general geological reports on the area.
He also discusses the ideas of classical-oriented writers like Cairnes, whose ideas were oriented towards the fast-developing eighteenth-century American economy that was fed by steady immigration.
Cairnes [3] cited slave ignorance as preventing them from operating factory machinery.
Action in the U12 Division saw Woolton Storm, despite goals from Ben McQueen and Amr Badhawi, suffer a 3-2 defeat to leaders Mags Titans whose goals came from Tom Massey, Max Griffin and Chris Cairnes.
Following their debut feature film 100 Bloody Acres, directors Colin and Cameron Cairnes bring us WHAM: Warren and Hal Media, a multi-platform comedy web series about the marketing misadventures of two deluded ideas men, Warren and Hal.