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Felix Kramer, founder of CalCars, added, "Electro Energy and CalCars are demonstrating that Ni-MH type batteries, already in use in hundreds of thousands of hybrid cars, can be an immediately effective solution for PHEVs.
Assuming EDrive and other proponents such as CalCars can prove there's a viable market and cost-effective blueprint for selling a plug-in hybrid, it could become an option on any hybrid car.
All six other species possess weak calcars (no calcars) (Myers & Donnelly, 1996, 1997).
This year has definitely been the breakout year for plug-in hybrids, starting with President Bush and his energy initiative,'' said John Davi, a spokesman for CalCars, a technology advocacy group based in Palo Alto.
Begun in 2002 as a public advocacy group promoting efficient vehicles, CalCars has emerged as the grassroots counterpart to EPRI.
This concept started out as an environmentalist's dream, propelled by activists like Felix Kramer of Calcars.
Boschert does an admirable job of explaining the technology in easy-to-follow language, and introduces a memorable set of characters, including the very effective plug-in booster Felix Kramer of CalCars.