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His face had fallen into graver lines, his eyes seemed fixed with a curious introspective steadiness on a huge calendar which hung from the wall.
He stood up amongst them, by far the tallest man there, with his back to the chimney piece, and his eyes still lingering about that calendar.
Of all melancholy Sundays,' she continued, the most melancholy in the calendar.
It brought me a letter from my mother-in-law, which added one more to the memorable dates in my domestic calendar.
This book is called the Shepherd's Calendar, as it contains twelve poems, one for every month of the year.
It dealt in moral and practical maxims, in information on technical subjects which are of service in daily life -- agriculture, astronomy, augury, and the calendar -- in matters of religion and in tracing the genealogies of men.
he's safe to commit all the crimes in the calendar, murder included.
Look at the Map of Crime, and you will find the most hideous offenses in the calendar, committed--not in the towns, where the average man doesn't lead an out-of-door life, doesn't as a rule, use his strength, but is, as a rule, comparatively cultivated--not in the towns, but in the agricultural districts.
Some nautical authority had told me a day or two previous, 'anything with west in it, will do;' so when I darted out of bed at daylight, and throwing up the window, was saluted by a lively breeze from the north-west which had sprung up in the night, it came upon me so freshly, rustling with so many happy associations, that I conceived upon the spot a special regard for all airs blowing from that quarter of the compass, which I shall cherish, I dare say, until my own wind has breathed its last frail puff, and withdrawn itself for ever from the mortal calendar.
For some days we had a dead calm, or very light winds, during which the crew amused themselves with fishing, and hooked an unlucky dolphin, who expired, in all his rainbow colours, on the deck: an event of such importance in our barren calendar, that afterwards we dated from the dolphin, and made the day on which he died, an era.
Google Calendar is a tool that simplifies keeping track of events, special occasions, and appointments -- whether they're on your own agenda or on the calendars of contacts who opt to share their schedules with you.
Nine elementary schools had to be put on year-round calendars 15 years ago for lack of classroom space, but after this September's shift only four schools will remain on the year-round schedule.