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Through Seinfeld, and now Calma, the Court of Chancery has sent a clear message on director compensation.
While it is early days yet, the Calma case has the potential to trigger a wave of copycat litigation.
Calma said there was "inherent racism" in Australia and policies such as the Northern Territory intervention and welfare quarantining were to blame.
E observe com que sanidade, com que calma, posso lhe contar toda a historia (POE, 2007, p.
Il conferenziere, con una calma da aristocratico, non fece un gesto che rivelasse ne stizza ne derisione; cortesemente impassibile, lascio che la folla sfogasse il suo risentimento, e, quando ritorno il silenzio, riprese la lettura interrotta.
Responding to the apology on behalf of the indigenous people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma said the gesture had restored the people's dignity.
Observa-se tambem que a calma e a condicao para que o aspecto do real da atividade em discussao tivesse feito parte de sua atividade realizada: "se ele estivesse calmo, pergunta o professor, talvez ele nao colocasse a trena [por baixo do gabarito]?
99) tells of Calma, who is in love and facing many changes in her life: an absent father who returns to her world and wants to talk, a mother with a secret second life, and even a new crush.
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A federal human rights advocate, Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma, agreed that details of the plan could breach discrimination laws.
The humor and Calma herself tend to hold the reader at arm's length--she is difficult to get close to and care about.
SRAs are 'good faith agreements' made in 'the spirit of non-legal partnership and shared responsibility' (Brough cited in Calma, 2006a: 89).