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CALUMNIATORS, civil law. Persons who accuse others, whom they know to be innocent, of having committed crimes. Code 9, 46, 9.

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John Bernard Trotter's Stories for Calumniators is another attempt to avoid the perils of history, and it is the first novel of the Rebellion that endeavours to put the events of 1798 into a specifically Irish historical context.
Although neither Oddities and Outlines nor Stories for Calumniators is an historical novel in the sense that we would understand the term in the wake of Walter Scott, both attempt to put the Rebellion into historical context.
Stories for Calumniators also gropes towards the historical, this time by highlighting historical grievances.
While Trotter's Stories for Calumniators is undoubtedly assertive on behalf of Catholics, it was only hi the second decade of the century that we can trace the beginnings of an assertive Catholic voice in fiction in the shape of two novels--Eliza Kelly's The Matron of Erin: A National Tale (1816), and the anonymous The United Irishman, Or, the Fatal Effects of Credulity (1819).
Still opposed to reopening the Dreyfus case, the anti-Dreyfusards launched a series of patriotic counterattacks designed to brand all Dreyfusards as traitors to France and calumniators of the honor of the army.
Of course, it is easy to lose one's head in the heat of political strife, but what are we to think of those who, with every opportunity for reflection and the moderation of passion, accuse their political opponents of lying in cold print--which affords slanderers and calumniators a certain amount of protection?