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These scenes have a mystical quality but are also filled with the sort of campiness Williams preferred to avoid.
Unlike the white artists whom Paul emulates, then, he is still seen as representative by the white press, and he fights this image through campiness, decadence, and exaggeration; he fashions a personality that is de liberately "bizarre" and becomes a "most unusual Negro.
Cross the campiness of the old ``Zorro'' television show with the dazzling martial arts of ``Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'' and you have an idea of what the ``Iron Monkey'' is like.
By dealing with a longer time frame, Bush mixed up pictures from the 1920's onward-images that expressed the knowing campiness of self-defined "gayness"--with the more mysterious, reticent, and puzzling ambiguities of pictures from the previous century.
We are never invited to laugh at the horror: the film has no place for 'gross-out' humour or for even the least shade of campiness.
His campiness derives from the over-stylized and plastic personality of this gentle, handsome, smooth-skinned, and muscular young man.
Thus, at the same time Jagger's performance acknowledges its own campiness and artifice, it also is shown to provide a genuine erotic appeal to the audience in his function as go-between, performing and facilitating visceral engagement with the dance rhythms and the fat, blues-inspired sound of Richard's open-tuned guitar.
However, a late-night assault on a kingpin's mansion errs towards unintentional campiness, thanks to a subterranean shark pool.
Throughout his genre-bending career, he remained interested in pushing the envelope while challenging audiences, using campiness to make bitter social messages more palatable.