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CANAL. A trench dug for leading water in a particular direction, and confining it.
     2. Public canals are generally protected by the law which authorizes their being made. Various points have arisen under numerous laws authorizing the construction of canals, which have been decided in cases reported in 1 Yeates, 430; 1 Binn. 70; 1 Pennsyl. 462; 2 Pennsyl. 517; 7 Mass. 169; 1 Sumu. 46; 20 Johns. 103, 735; 2 Johns. 283; 7 John. Ch. 315; 1 Wend. 474; 5 Wend. 166; 8 Wend. 469; 4 Wend. 667; 6 Cowen, 698; 7 Cowen, 526 4 Hamm. 253; 5 Hamm. 141, 391; 6 Hamm. 126; 1 N. H. Rep. 339; See River.

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As she held him, Canales thought, "I don't even know how to hold him, let alone take care of him.
Esta proliferacion continuo de manera exponencial, y la India ahora alberga mas de 500 canales para mas de mil millones de espectadores.
com/ or contact Mary Canales by phone at (206) 618.
Canales is looking for around pounds 50,000-a-week to sign, but that is a reasonable demand for a player who will come cheap and could be a world beater.
Creemos que no mas de 30 o 35 canales en total pueden sobrevivir costeados por publicidad.
In her role as featured panelist at the April 20 LATINA Style Business Series, Canales will discuss "Successful Marketing Strategies for Yourself & Business.
Winner's Summary < < NAME CITY < AMOUNT Juan Acuna Tehachapi < $ 100,000 Maria Canales Los Angeles < $ 90,000 Patricia Topacio Fairfield < $ 5,000 Carlos Henriquez Palmdale < $ 4,000 Carmen Garcia Riverside < $ 2,500 Miguel Leiva Downey < $ 2,000 Renate Talbert Pebble Beach < $ 2,000 Jose Castillo Los Angeles < $ 1,750 Arturo Vasquez Long Beach < $ 1,750 Joseph Neely Berry Creek < $ 1,750 Jose Maqueda Orange < $ 1,750 < < TOTAL $
Habiendo superado este obstaculo, VideoAge estuvo en condiciones de abordar temas tan variados como la lista de responsabilidades (incluyendo la distribucion domestica en USA, las relaciones en USA con las cadenas de TV afiliadas, producciones y canales locales e internacionales, y la distribucion internacional), asi tambien otros topicos como los mercados de Banda Ancha, y si uno o mas canales de aire de su newtork en los EE.
Canales and other nominees will attend the NMBC's Summit Awards Gala at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle on February 9, 2007.
His agent, Arturo Canales, last night confirmed Benitez has been in touch about a possible swap deal.
Respected dancers Carmen Cortes and Antonio Canales have recently benefited from ambitious collaborations with prestigious Spanish theater directors.