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Numerous clinical studies have shown that Aphthasol(R) and OraDisc(TM)A accelerate the healing of canker sores.
Not only is the short time of eradication significant, but also the absence of itching and dryness for cold sores and the ability to use the canker sore medication in the mouth for children, as the medication is completely safe and almost tasteless.
We applied for this patent after receiving numerous letters from customers attesting to their perceived improvement with canker sores after taking BioAstin," said Gerald R.
Orahealth Corporation has introduced Cankermelts-GX(R), the only over-the-counter medication that heals canker sores in 1-4 days.
Access markets Aphthasol(R), the only FDA-approved product for the treatment of canker sores, and is developing products for mucositis and other oral indications.
We are excited to be the first retailer in Oregon and Southwest Washington to carry a product that may soon be recognized throughout the nation as the leader for the treatment of canker sores.
announced today that its product for the treatment of canker sores, Aphthasol(R), has received marketing approval in 10 European Union countries following completion of the Mutual Recognition Procedure (MRP).
Amlexanox, the active ingredient in the paste and OraDisc(TM) A, is the only clinically proven drug to accelerate the healing of canker sores to have received regulatory approval.
The use of licorice root for treating canker sores was not feasible until now because the strong flavor of pure licorice root extract made getting a sufficient amount of the extract on the ulcer too disagreeable.
Based in Bellevue, Washington, Orahealth is a center of innovation for the treatment of canker sores and other ordinary mouth ulcers including denture sores and cuts from braces or biting your lip or cheek.
The products purchased include Aphthasol and OraDisc A, the FDA approved products for the treatment of canker sores, and Zindaclin, a product for the treatment of acne, approved and marketed in numerous European and global markets.