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First, tissue interface pressures do not directly measure internal tissue and capillary pressures.
Mason (26) corrected Brown's derivation by realizing that the capillary pressure and the elastic response do not act over the same areas to find:
1 to further correct both pressure dependence and dissipation effects to acquire the comprehensively corrected capillary pressure drop ([DELTA][P.
Secondly, it occurs under poorly defined and changing conditions such as changes in available capillary pressure and changes in the amount of entrained air in wood capillaries that are crucial for wood permeability (Comstock 1967; Petty 1978; Siau 1984, 1995).
A simple correlation between permeabilities and mercury capillary pressure.
Denn (15) derived an equation for the capillary pressure drop including both effects of pressure and dissipative heating but neglecting the effects of the compressibility and heat transfer.
We dissolved molecular precursors of platinum and iron in an organic solvent and used capillary pressure to draw the growth solution into a silicon-nitride liquid cell that we sealed with epoxy.
The topics include calculation methods for determining surface tensions in drop profile analysis tensiometry, capillary pressure tensiometry and interfacial dilational rheology, measuring the surface tension of polymer melts in supercritical fluids, particle-bubble interaction in flotation, emulsification with micro-structured membranes and micro-engineered systems, and the interfacial mass transfer of growing drops in liquid-liquid systems.
This simulation had been done with capillary pressure and wettability changes by UTCHEM.
Abstract Capillary pressure force and direct surface tension force are known to be sufficient though probably not necessary to drive the compaction stage of latex film formation.