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CAPITA, or PER CAPITA. By heads. An expression of frequent occurrence in laws regulating the distribution of the estates of persons dying intestate. When all the persons entitled to shares in the distribution are of the same degree of kindred to the deceased person, (e.g. when all are grandchildren,) and claim directly from him in their own right and not through an intermediate relation, they take per capita, that is, equal shares, or share and share alike. But when they are of different degrees of kindred, (e. g. some the children, others the grandchildren or the great grandchildren of the, deceased,) those more remote take er stirpem or per stirpes, that is, they take respectively the shares their parents (or other relation standing in the same degree with them of the surviving kindred entitled) who are in the nearest degree of kindred to the intestate,) would have taken had they respectively survived the intestate. Reeves' Law of Descent, Introd. xxvii.; also 1 Rop. on Leg. 126, 130. See Per Capita; Per Stirpes; Stirpes;

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Dig around in the accounts and you find that SB spent PS45 million on buying stuff from other Capita group companies - with another tidy profit therein for Capita.
Capita Fiduciary Group is part of The Capita Group Plc.
Of the 87, 23 companies, including British Airways, Capita Group and Marks & Spencer, failed to respond to a request for basic investor information after a wait of four weeks, compared with just over 20 percent of the 71 contacted last year.
The Capita Group Plc ('Capita') has agreed to acquire the international financial services business of AIB ('AIBIFS') for a cash consideration of [pounds]29 million, on a cash free, debt free basis.
The Capita Group Plc ('Capita') today announces the acquisition of the trade and assets of the pensions administration and software business of NorthgateArinso for a consideration of [pounds]27.
The Capita Group Plc ('Capita') announces today that it has acquired Ventura, a customer contact specialist for a cash consideration of [pounds]65 million on a cash-free, debt-free basis.
The Capita Group Plc ('Capita') today announces that Capita Financial Managers Limited ('CFM') has agreed with the FSA to contribute to and administer a package for investors holding shares in sub funds of CF Arch cru Investment Funds or CF Arch cru Diversified Funds (together the 'Arch Funds'), dealings in which were suspended on 13 March 2009.
The Capita Group Plc (Capita) has signed a contract with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to provide a national Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) service that includes provision (at DVLA's option) for a Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) service.
The Capita Group Plc ('Capita') today announces that it has extended its existing outsourcing arrangement with Zurich Financial Services Group ('Zurich') to deliver operational services for Zurich's UK life business operations by 11 years (from 2015 to 2026) and to support the development of Zurich Global Life's European and international administration hubs for a 15 year period.
Taylor has also held senior management and business development positions with such leading organizations as COL, Capita Group and CFM.
This is a very important mandate for us as the Capita Group Plc is the UK's leading business process outsourcing company providing administration and customer services to a wide range of clients, including to a broad spectrum of fund managers, and we are looking forward to working with them as a partner to support their business.
The Capita Group Plc announces today that it has acquired Cedar HR Software Limited ('Cedar') for [pounds]15m on a debt free, cash free basis.