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In these equations the investment share, the growth rate of the working age population and human capital accumulation are the endogenous variables.
10) In addition, economists have identified some specific reasons why national saving might be lower than is desirable: households may be myopic or have time-inconsistent preferences,(11) government policies may discourage saving through capital income taxes,(12) and pay-as-you-go retirement programs like Social Security and positive externalities from capital accumulation may make the social return to saving exceed the private return.
Capital Accumulation & Women's Labour in Asian Economics.
Successful transfer of technology in agriculture and manufacturing: Even if the rate of capital accumulation is high, rapid growth may not result unless capital is efficiently utilized.
Among its most important aims is assistance to national economies to help them overcome weaknesses in agriculture, transport, communications and the slow rate of capital accumulation.
In fact, for some top-level executives making over $200,000 per year, non-qualified plans may represent over 75 percent of capital accumulation and retirement benefits.
The chapters are organized into 10 parts including: Environment of Employee Benefit Plans; Designing Employee Death Benefits; Designing Health-Related Benefits; Designing Additional Employee Benefits and Services; Funding Health and Welfare Benefits; Retirement and Capital Accumulation Plans, Accounting, Funding and Taxation of Retirement and Capital Accumulation Plans; Administration of Employee Benefit Plans; Employee Benefits for Small Business; and Issues of Special Interests in Employee Benefits.
1 As its name--total incomes system of accounts (TISA)-- suggests, these accounts are designed to include the income corresponding to all consumption and capital accumulation, whether or not these relate to production for the market and regardless of the sector in which goods and services are produced or capital accumulated.
Mr Moss will retain the benefit of 209,000 being 5/12ths of the annual payment made in April 2012 under the Aviva Capital Accumulation Plan (i.
Contact with foreign-owned businesses should be such that concepts as capital accumulation, savings culture, customer relations and stock accountability are enhanced.
Improving people's economic opportunities is secondary to providing expanded opportunities for capital accumulation.
retired) examine how the long-term falling capital accumulation trend in the non-financial corporate sector, highlighted by the bankruptcy of major automobile companies, played a role in turning the 2008 financial crisis into a larger recession.

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