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Speaker Nabih Berri, Hezbollah and Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun have repeatedly called for the caretaker Cabinet to convene and approve the oil decrees and issues licenses for Lebanon's EEZ in an attempt to benefit from Lebanon's oil and gas wealth.
BEIRUT: Lebanon's efforts to tap its offshore gas and oil reserves received another setback over the weekend as the two main political groups that make up the caretaker Cabinet quarreled openly over the mechanism for gas tenders.
Berri has called on the caretaker Cabinet to hold a special session to endorse two decrees that designate Lebanon's 10 offshore blocks for oil exploration and determine the model for revenue sharing.
The head of state has also agreed to assign to the caretaker cabinet the task of drafting amendments to Bulgariaas referendum legislation, to be passed for approval to the next government that will take office after the snap elections in the autumn.
Mikati said the idea to delineate and clarify the powers of the caretaker Cabinet arose because the parties were blaming "me in person" for not responding to the request.
As for today's anticipated House session, the MP said it was wrong for the Parliament to convene and legislate in light of a caretaker cabinet, unless it was a pressing matter such as the extension of the security apparatuses mandate.
He said consultations for the caretaker cabinet are continuing, adding that 5 or 6 people will be included in it.
The Chief Minister said caretaker cabinet will be announced soon.
A caretaker cabinet is due to be sworn in after Parliament is dissolved on August 6.
AL-MUSTAQBAL: Caretaker Cabinet returns to life to approve what caused its death Aoun-"Hezbollah's" ministers legitimize "1960" law.
Well-placed sources, when contacted by did not talk say anything regarding configuration of caretaker cabinet and said that all things would be cleared when the decision will take.
Georgi Bliznashki said on Monday he had given his consent "in principle" to join the caretaker cabinet due to be sworn in after August 6.