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A claim [24] to have obtained an additional solution of Schroedinger's equation in rectangular or cartesian coordinates is misleading because those four coordinates (x,y,z,r) include also the radial distance r.
For convenience, the membrane element is commonly studied in the local Cartesian coordinate system represented by (x', y', z') and located on the membrane element.
A part of the flight trajectory towards the chimney is presented in figures 7 and 10 in the Cartesian coordinates of the local reference system fixed on the ground.
Once the initial conditions are obtained in normal mode coordinates, they are transformed into Cartesian coordinates by the diagonalizing matrix obtained from the diagonalization process described above [17].
c]) is the center of the image in Cartesian Coordinates.
Using the mapping (11), the integral can be transformed from Cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates.
2 and 3) represent moments of time in which Cartesian coordinates were recorded by the Zebris JMA, however the continuous light curve imitates the result of numerical calculations.
By following Davis's first-order approximation, the electromagnetic fields of the Gaussian beam can be described in its own Cartesian coordinate system [O.
First, the transitions from Earth-centred Cartesian coordinates into geodetic coordinates is computationally expensive.
The multipole expansions in Cartesian coordinates are easy to handle for the first multipoles, but for higher order multipoles one has to decompose the tensors into irreducible representations of the rotation group SO(3) [6].