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In each of these planes, the absolute values of the two Cartesian coordinates of the particles are the same for its four particles--electrons or mesons--due to the (4:4) symmetry.
On the basis of data recorded during this flight, the following system measurement errors concerning the obstacle were estimated: the helicopter -to-obstacle distance, the obstacle's position in the Cartesian coordinates, and the relative speed of the obstacle towards the helicopter.
max] is the radius of the maximum inscribed circle of the original image in Cartesian Coordinates.
Kinematics of the masticatory muscles can be analyzed when taken into account Cartesian coordinates defining the location of insertion of the jaw muscles and bones of the skull.
Table 1: The Cartesian coordinates of the various (DCPT) sounding depths and basement roof elevations DCPT X (m) Y Altitudes Depths Basement (m) (m) roof elevations (m) DCPT1 6011.
For the Cartesian Coordinates of slave robots poses, the received values from the cooperation PC are assigned to the robots positions via the instruction SETPVC <pos> x <var[j]>.
Reswitching to the Cartesian coordinate system and considering the last equation we can easily see that
Scaling: Spatial size scaling of an image can be obtained by modifying the Cartesian coordinates of the input image according to the relations
2] has spherical polar coordinates ([phi], [theta]), its Cartesian coordinates are x([phi], [theta]) = (sin [theta] cos [phi], sin [theta] sin [phi], cos [theta]).
Examples are drawn from the teaching of Cartesian coordinates, linear functions, ratio and Pythagoras' theorem using still images, and quadratic functions using moving images.