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In response to a question on his thoughts on the government-led pressure on journalists for their critical stance against Erdoy-an or the interim Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government, Kallaugher said, "This is a situation that I am following with concern and I know many cartoonists and politicians around the globe share the same concerns.
This is an app cartoon, not a cartoon app," said Telnaes, who has been intrigued by how smartphone applications could allow cartoonists to approach their work in new and interesting ways.
Unny described Petty as a cartoonist who can bridge the gap between animated cartoons and cartoons or caricatures appearing in print.
Palestinian cartoonists discussed the technical aspects of cartoon and listened to Donnelly's rich experience as a cartoonist who is mainly into women issues and politics in the US.
He said: "What Jasper's cartoon did was appeal to the fundamentally puerile streak in all cartoonists.
The discussion was hosted by Swiss The International Herald Tribune cartoonist Patrick Chappatte, who also contributed to the project which combines his work with that of eight Lebanese cartoonists hitting issues ranging from politics and religion to everyday life in Lebanon.
Some cartoonists use computer software to draw their illustrations; others sketch by hand.
So they put out a nationwide call to editorial cartoonists to make their case.
We're seeing for the first time more than a handful of cartoonists who are women with beautiful portfolios," he says.
Matt Davies, who is staff cartoonist for The Journal News in White Plains, New York, the 2004 Pulitzer Prize-winner for editorial cartooning, and president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC), contends there is "an inherent shortsightedness to this buy-a-cartoon model" that many newspapers are turning to.
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The posting said the new cartoonist should be in the tradition of two Post cartoonists who won Pulitzer prizes--Daniel Fitzpatrick and Bill Mauldin.