Case practice

CASE practice. A contested question before a court of justice, a suit or action, a cause. 9 Wheat. 738.

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In line with its case practice, the Commission assesses parallel transactions according to the so-called "priority rule" - first come, first served.
Agencies must develop mobile workforce programs with a perspective on how mobile can drive the mission forward, tying mobile metrics to case practice metrics.
Megele presents a collection of case studies which recount in a narrativized manner the multifaceted and complex nature of social work and social case practice.
Nevertheless, he is to recommend to the council's planning committee to approve the application, but with practice in the nets restricted to finishing at 6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from April to September inclusive, unless there is a home game being played, in which case practice must finish at 9pm.
The use of the case simulates case practice in the real world of special education: much information exists that must be evaluated, synthesized, and utilized by individuals and by teams; success depends on personal effort and attention to multiple views of practitioners.
Quality criterion - Name: Quality of response in case practice / Weighting: 30
I spent many years in state government in New York and New Jersey, working as a caseworker, district office supervisor, case practice specialist, emergency service coordinator, field supervisor for area schools of social work, and region-wide foster-care program specialist.
For the ones who are ready to travel the distance there is the 'FutureSake' initiative where students get a unique opportunity to study some of the best case practices of sustainable urbanisation in Singapore or San Fransisco before they get started with their projects.
Our goal is to create good case practices for the circular economy and show how the circular economy can benefit our lives and bring sustainable solutions for businesses and the environment.
8 also includes new features that specifically benefit practices with large case, data and document volume, strict compliance standards, and complex case practices such as MDL, mass tort and class action.
The statement said the AFC has decided to start organising its own beach football tournaments and are organising the seminar in order to bring together the best case practices in the development and growth of beach football.
Lawhorn is responsible for researching the impact of proposed legislation on Child Welfare practice and developing and providing technical assistance on Ohio's Administrative Code rules for Public children services agencies regarding policy and case practices.