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BARREL. A measure of capacity, equal to thirty-six gallons.

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Production is expected to increase to about 140 nine gallon casks each week and the 220 extra casks will allow the brewer to target clients further afield, as they will take longer to be returned.
Highgate launched the five-litre party casks of traditional ale this week and the firm has been swamped with interest from potential customers.
THE 16-year-old is pounds 40 and starts life in a combination of Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon-seasoned casks, before being matured for several months in port wine barrels for distinct notes of juicy fruits, nuts and spice.
They will each receive a bottle of the specially distilled Locke's 'Grand Crew' whiskey in honour of the anniversary, after the casks are transported to Dublin later this month.
The John Cask label artwork for the brand was designed by artist/musician Jon Langford.
Now, almost 10 years since Vaux produced its final beer, people can enjoy a freshly-pulled pint of Sunderland-brewed real ale, as the business branches out to supply casks to the region's landlords.
The casks are made from trees which grow in poor soil and shady conditions in Missouri, which the company claims produces highly porous wood to help the spirit extract more flavour during maturation.
An improbable escape of radioactive strontium and cesium from the heavily armored casks of spend fuel could release devastating levels of radiation, although it would not explode like the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, said Resnikoff, whose Radioactive Waste Management Associates is analyzing waste transport risks for the states of Nevada and Utah.
It is a soothing dram benefiting immensely from additional ageing in medium-dry sherry casks.
Goldie Hawn and Tom Cruise have already staked their claim to special casks of what is described as "the whiskey of the century".
For the past three years, Northern States Power has sought permission to store highly radioactive waste in steel casks near the plants.