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CASTIGATORY, punishments. An engine used to punish women who have been convicted of being common scolds it is sometimes called the trebucket, tumbrel, ducking stool, or cucking stool. This barbarous punishment has perhaps never been inflicted in the United States. 12 S. & It. 225. Vide Common Scold.

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Though Guiraudie claims the film is about passion jusqu'au bout, Stranger can conversely be read as an allegory of concatenating death wishes or a castigatory tale about the mortal heedlessness of desire.
Brazil, for instance, in November 2011 said it would propose to the WTO a plan that would help the countries in slapping castigatory sanctions on trading partners, who would be termed as currency manipulators by the multilateral institutions (primarily the IMF).
Interior Ministry has ordered its bodies and offices in all governorates to raise security alert and tighten defense procedures at the important facilities and vital interests all over the country in anticipation of any castigatory operations.