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Irregular, occasional, or accidental; happening without being planned or foreseen.

The term is used to describe an event that is unanticipated or unusual. A casual sale is one that is not customary, or done in the usual course of business—such as a jeweler occasionally selling vacuum cleaners.

Casual employment is irregular, periodic, or seasonal employment, such as someone selling ice cream only during the summer. Workers' Compensation laws in many states do not apply to casual employment.


adj. defining something that happens by chance, without being foreseen, or informally. This includes "casual" labor or employment, which is someone hired to do a task just because he/she was available at the moment. "Casual laborer" carries the implication that the laborer does not belong to a union and that the employer and the laborer will not pay appropriate taxes on the wages paid.


adjective aimless, apathetic, blase, causeless, cursory, designless, desultory, fortuitous, haphazard, inattentive, incidental, indeterminate, indifferent, informal, insouciant, irregular, nonchalant, occasional, orderless, perfunctory, pococurante, purposeless, thoughtless, unarranged, uncertain, unconcerned, undetermined, undirected, unexacting, unfixed, unmethodical, unmeticulous, unmindful, unordered, unprecise, unpunctilious, unstudied, unsystematic, unweighed
Associated concepts: casual act, casual employment, casual transaction
See also: careless, coincidental, cursory, fortuitous, haphazard, informal, lax, nonchalant, perfunctory, promiscuous, random, sporadic, thoughtless, unintentional, usual

CASUAL. What happens fortuitously what is accidental as, the casual revenue's of the government, are those which are contingent or uncertain.

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