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Although all the armies had made plans for war, it took political will for war to be declared, which itself needed a casus bellum.
To be sure, China is careful to avoid any dramatic action that could become a casus belli by itself.
Published on Wednesday, 04 December 2013 11:31 By Nicola Nasser Creating a humanitarian crisis in Syria, whether real or fabricated, and holding the Syrian government responsible for it as a casus belli for foreign military intervention under the UN 2005 so-called "responsibility to protect" initiative was from the very eruption of the Syrian conflict the goal of the US-led "Friends of Syria' coalition.
AUSTRALIA'S contemporary circus company Casus arrives in Liverpool with its premiere work, Knee Deep, next month - and with a Merseysider at the helm.
The administration is also asking for much more than just a single punitive strike for ( allegedly) using chemical weapons -- the technical casus belli -- and is instead expecting authorisation for a campaign that will have a " downstream" result of weakening Assad militarily and politically.
Israel has frequently warned if Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons falls into the hands of arch-foe Hezbollah, a close ally of Assad's regime, it would be a casus belli.
Obama's Inaugural and the Danger of an Iran War Obama's extreme sanctions against Iran, which are already denying children needed medicine and consist of a kind of blockade (a legitimate casus belli in international law), could well blow up in his face in ways he does not now anticipate.
Algeria was able to balk subversion during the early phases of "Arab Spring" in 2011, but it surely has not escaped the attention of the West who is in the midst of transforming a region stretching from Africa to Beijing and Moscow's doorsteps - and in a fit of geopolitical schizophrenia - using terrorists both as a casus belli to invade and as an inexhaustible mercenary force to do it.
Israel has not specified an activity or enrichment level it would consider a casus belli.
A Kurdish nation carved out of Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran would appear to be a casus belli for all four nations.
The moment we see that the Syrians transfer chemical and biological weapons to Hizbollah, this is a red line for us and from our point of view this is a real casus belli.