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With so many catch phrases in today's sports lingo, one needs a vivid imagination just to keep up.
He created catch phrases with an ease that was unbelievable.
Understanding the appropriate use of the correct buzzwords, catch phrases, euphemisms, short anecdotes, and general business speak can provide you with some major social currency in the workplace.
com believes the first catch phrase Madden will say after kickoff will be "heck of a .
So, don't expect a heap of catch phrases to come out of this comedy drama.
Crofton continues, "One of the catch phrases of the current market that gives a snapshot of what we do is the PEG ratio.
The show promises a lot of psycho-babbly catch phrases (``The only thing standing between you and your goals,'' Bob famously intones, ``is you - and your goals.
It also featured no fewer than two funny catch phrases, including the fatuous yet fatalistically correct, ``The only thing standing between you and your goals is you - and your goals.
The site provides sports fans with exclusive insights from the sports personality best known for his poignant commentary, revealing, off-beat interviews with athletes, and colorful catch phrases.
But beneath the nonstop barrage of catch phrases like ``Have a look at this little beauty
Maybe never have so many ridiculous catch phrases been uttered in a single news conference.
Words to describe oral sex, female genitalia and the bedroom litter the script - no thanks to the cast who embellished the dialogue with their own colorful catch phrases.