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Dean Batali and Rob DesHotel, executive story editors for the WB network's cult hit ``Buffy the Vampire Slayer,'' say they don't consciously set out to use catch-phrases like ``bogarting the potato chips'' or drop offhand allusions to Ingmar Bergman's `The Seventh Seal'' into ``Buffy'' scripts.
The title has even spawned a popular catch-phrase to rival ``Show me the money
His new-found fame as a spitting image for Pope Francis may give a new lease of life to those familiar catch-phrases "super, smashing, great.
His pleas "gizza job" and "I can do that" became the catch-phrases of the depression.
Those who enjoy and benefit from organizing their thoughts around catch-phrases and aphorisms will relate to Lautzenheiser's style and approach.
Musicianship is only part of what makes Rudetsky so popular, explains Will & Grace's Mullally, for whom he served as musical director on a recent Actors' Fund benefit performance of Funny Girl: "His verbal mannerisms and sayings are so catchy that I've literally heard them translated into catch-phrases all the way out in L.
Some advertising catch-phrases stick in your mind forever.