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Causeway has invited applications from parents with ideas for programs and initiatives that would help enhance education locally between March 1-April 1.
Causeway will announce challenge winners on 5th May.
Causeway aims to inspire and provide the Chattanooga community members with ideas for smarter solutions to the city's major challenges.
Roads Projects & Maintenance Director Raed Al Salah said, 'The two causeways located on Khalifa Al Kabeer Interchange with Sheikh Hamad Causeway, together with Seef and City Centre Causeways and the Central Market Causeways are now completed.
Isa bin Salman Causeway; where the painting of the upper part of the causeway has been postponed in coordination with the General Traffic Directorate until the end of the present school semester, for it requires the closure of one way on each direction,' he stated.
STUART and JENSEN BEACH causeways, Hutchinson Island: Twin bridges crossing the Indian River Lagoon.
SINCE it was first conceived nearly half a century ago, the Sanibel Island Causeway has periodically been steeped in controversy.
Summary: Bids for the causeway which will link Saudi Arabia to Egypt are expected to be invited by the end of this year.
A joint project by Seafish and the Western Isles Council is surveying the marine habitat around the causeways between Eriskay and South Uist, and Berneray and North Uist.
Seafish aquaculture development officer Craig Burton said: "We are trying to assess the potential of these two new causeways for the stocking with hatchery produced juvenile lobsters," he said.
and Exxon USA this winter agreed to install an additional 650 feet of breaching, or bridging, in both the West Dock and Endicott causeways, at an estimated total cost of $50 million to the companies.
For years, the Corps of Engineers has contended that North Slope gravel causeways, stretching up to three miles seaward, have altered the temperature, salinity and circulation of seawater and, therefore, could cause harm to sealife, in addition to posing an artificial barrier to migrating fish, particularly the Arctic cisco.