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In particular, the indemnification provisions of the inevitable written agreement between you and the celebrity are going to be very important because, as we have seen, liability insurance is likely not going to cover you for the legal actions often precipitated by celebrity endorsements.
the Republican Party in the USA) on the evaluation of celebrity endorsement of a political candidate.
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Killian is convinced that the popularity of such celebrity endorsements will continue to grow.
Thanks to celebrity endorsement and high-profile TV shows, poker is the game of choice for millions of internet users.
Her image was sometimes displayed alongside partially-nude women, creating the false impression that she 'endorsed or approved of the sexually explicit content' and could 'dilute the value of her celebrity endorsement,' the suit states.
Anyway, since I didn't have that celebrity endorsement to fall back upon, I resorted to reason.
A lack of perceived expertise or credibility can make a celebrity endorsement less effective (Ohanian, 1991).
which has engaged Paloma Herrera for its print ads, said, "There is a value to celebrity endorsement.
Celebrity endorsement has long been a popular advertising strategy in traditional media, with a celebrity or celebrities being featured in more than 25% of television commercials (Lee & Um, 2014).
On the surface, if Jeep were considering a celebrity endorsement, it might think that Rihanna and Beyonce are equally good choices; both are chart-topping female R&B stars with very similar fan bases, "NPD pointed out "However, BrandLink shows that Rihanna's fans are much more likely to choose Jeep.
If the celebrity endorsement is particularly integral to your business, consider key man or similar insurance; but make sure you get the celebrity's consent first.