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For a start, some of the stars on Celebs Go Dating would not need that question mark at the end of the word 'undateables'.
Arriving on day one and staying all the way to take the I'm A Celeb crown, the Geordie Lass saw her own figure change dramatically.
The #MemoryCup will raise funds this year for One Step at a Time, a Sutton based Charity, which supports local families who have children with special needs; the event is also held in loving memory of MC Sparks, one of the founding teammates of Celeb FC and other friends we have made & lost in the 4 years Celeb FC have been going.
HOUSE HOST: Emma Willis CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER Wed C5 9pm NEW SERIES With a theme described as Twisted Fairytale, it seems a happily-ever-after ending is unlikely for most of the celebs taking part in this reality show.
The actress added, "The Artists Union, and specifically the Actors Syndicate, should take certain measures to stop the insults celebs are subjected to by Ramez and other pranksters.
Palm Sugar Lounge will play host to the flagship celeb auctions in October.
They may have busy lifestyles, but celebs also tend to be on the run a lot more and with personal trainers on speed dial.
They have calculated that every person in the UK is linked to a star through their sexual partners - with just three steps separating the average person from a steamy celeb romp.
The grumpiest celeb was rapper P Diddy, followed by London mayor Boris Johnson, Britney Spears and Lily.
I write to various celebs both here and around the globe.
Leaving aside the theory that taking a rest from meat once a week may be better for health, it might be thought these same celebs, so often photographed at airports, might have better targets for their criticism.
I WAS delighted to read C-list celebs are having their fees cut but was shocked anyone's stupid enough to pay a former Big Brother contestant Craig Phillips pounds 5,000 for turning up.