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The benzodiazepines, other central nervous system depressants, have replaced the barbiturates in routine medical practice (e.
The use of certain central nervous system depressants like pain medications, alcohol and hypnotics will worsen the presentation of hypoventilation.
Several of the chapters have been updated; for example, the chapter on alcohol now contains a section on legal and regulatory applications, and information on [gamma]-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and ketamine has been added to the chapters on central nervous system depressants and hallucinogens, respectively.
Both barbiturates and alcohol are central nervous system depressants and their synergistic effect can be lethal.
CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DEPRESSANTS (ALCOHOL, BENZODIAZEPINES) - watery eyes; drowsiness; thick, slurred speech and sluggish reactions; uncoordinated

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