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PUBERTY, civil law. The age in boys after fourteen years until full age, and in girls after twelve years until full age. Ayl. Pand. 63; Hall's Pract. 14; Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. tom. 6, p. 100; Inst. 1, 22; Dig. 1, 7, 40, 1; Code, 5, 60, 3.

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Keywords: Bone age, central precocious puberty, GnRH stimulation test, premature thelarche
Central precocious puberty (CPP) is defined as development of secondary sex characteristics in relation with activation of the HPG axis before the age of 8 years in girls and before the age of 9 years in boys (1-3).
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Abbot said that patients with central precocious puberty who have been prescribed Lupron Depot-PED receive an injection that is administered in the physician office.
Abbott's submission to the FDA was supported by new data from a 24-week, open-label study involving 84 patients with central precocious puberty.

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