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Gone are the days when feudal lords exploited the common man and dictators in centralised states violated people's rights on one pretext or another.
To make it work we need to go back to the start of local government, before our country became the centralised state that it is today.
A centralised state, with all the sensible and wise answers is the best way to ensure the parasites of the publicly funded political class - those politicians, advisers, unions, mega-charities, lobbyists of multi-national corporations and assorted "experts" and experts' hangers-on, remain in charge.
This would allow the militias to properly and legitimately maintain their status as law enforcers in the disparate regions they control while also allowing a centralised state force to emerge.
There is a problem of dependency, there is a problem about assuming somebody else resolves the problems, and there's certainly a problem about centralised state provision as the solution to everything.
Although the rights of the federating units formed the core of the policies of the All India Muslim League (AIML), for which it struggled throughout the movement for independence, these policies were abandoned in favour of a centralised state structure as soon as Pakistan came into being.
We must be the most centralised state in Europe - worse than the French in that respect.
The book argues that fullblooded nationalist parties favour a strong centralised state - a position that appears to be incompatible with Plaid's emphasis on communities.
Yet institutions like the British monarchy, the House of Lords and the Church of England - all part of a highly centralised state, remain unchanged.
And will Mr Hain please explain why Balkanisation - the fulfilment of national hopes by the dissolution of a large and centralised state - is a bad thing, but Balticisation - the fulfilment of national hopes etc - is a good thing?
It seems busy Ms Gill has read, analysed and accessed every single paragraph, clause and word and she now generously seeks to share her knowledge and assure us doubters that 'myths' will now evaporate as we confidently face our future in the EU centralised state.