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A written document that is official verification that a condition or requirement has, or has not, been met.

A written assurance issued from a court that is notification to another officer, judge, or court of procedures practiced therein.

A document (such as a birth certificate) prepared by an official during the course of his or her regular duties, and which may be used as evidence for certain purposes.

A document certifying that one has fulfilled certain requirements and may practice in a field.

A stock certificate is a paper representing a share of stock in a corporation that has been purchased by its holder.

A certificate of acknowledgment is the written statement by a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, or other authorized officer that sets forth that a person or persons appeared before him or her on a particular date and declared an instrument to be their Voluntary Act and deed.

A certificate of deposit is prepared by a bank as a receipt for money deposited by a customer that the bank promises to repay to the depositor after certain conditions have been fulfilled.


noun affidavit, attestation, authentication, authorization, certification, charter, covenant, credentials, endorsement, guarantee, instrument, license, matter of record, muniment, official writing, paper, testament, voucher, warrant, writ, written contract, written evidence
Associated concepts: allotment certificate, certificate of auuhority, certificate of deposit, certificate of incorporation, certificate of indebtedness, certificate of occupancy, certifiiate of probable cause, certificate of public convenience and necessity, certificate of reasonable doubt, certificate of stock, certificate under seal, death certificate, demand cerrificate, land certificate, marriage certificate
See also: charter, check, coupon, deed, degree, document, instrument, license, permit, recommendation, record, warrant, warranty

CERTIFICATE, practice. A writing made in any court, and properly authenticated, to give notice to another court of anything done therein; or it is a writing by which an officer or other person bears testimony that a fact has or has not taken place.
     2. There are two kinds of certificates; those required by the law, and those which are merely voluntary. Of the first kind are certificates given to an insolvent of his discharge, and those given to aliens, that they have been naturalized. Voluntary certificates are those which are not required by law, but which are given of the mere motion of the party. The former are evidence of the facts therein mentioned, while the latter are not entitled to any credit, because the facts certified, may be proved in the usual way under the solemnity of an oath or affirmation. 2 Com. Dig. 306; Ayl. Parerg. 157; Greenl. Ev. Sec. 498.

CERTIFICATE, JUDGE'S, English practice. The judge who tries the cause is authorized by several statutes in certain cases to certify, so as to decide when the party or parties shall or shall not be entitled to costs. It is of great importance in many cases, that these certificates should be obtained at the time of trial. See 3 Camp. R. 316; 5 B. & A. 796; Tidd's Pr. 879; 3 Ch. Pr. 458, 486.
     2. The Lord Chancellor often requires the opinion of the judges upon a question of law; to obtain this, a case is trained, containing the admissions on both sides, and upon these the legal question is stated; the case is then submitted to the judges, who, after hearing counsel, transmit to the chancellor their opinion. This opinion, signed by the judges of the court, is called their certificate. See 3 Bl. Com. 453.

CERTIFICATE, ATTORNEY'S, Practice, English law. By statute 37 Geo. III., c. 90, s. 26, 28, attorneys are required to deliver to the commissioners of stamp duties, a paper or note in writing, containing the name and usual place of residence of such person, and thereupon, on paying certain duties, such person is entitled to a certificate attesting the payment of such duties, which must be renewed yearly. And by the 30th section, an attorney is liable to the penalty of fifty pounds for practising without.

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