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Because the patient had kept the collar for so long the neck muscles were overcontracted and in the long term she really needed the physical therapy and the cervical collar, making up a vicious circle.
I tried wearing a soft cervical collar at work to control the twisting and spasms.
Much of the pain associated with whiplash occurs because people are told to wear a cervical collar, and they don't make any attempt to loosen their neck muscles for several days.
The patient was discharged 1 week following surgery after receiving a Miami J cervical collar.
An ambulance crew arrived minutes later, put a cervical collar around my neck, and secured me to a backboard.
She dislocated her jaw, broke a rib and had to wear a back brace and cervical collar for nine months, but admits it could have been worse.
The athletic training staff immediately stabilized the athlete's head and neck, performed a neuromuscular assessment and thorough evaluation, and then called Emergency Medical' Services to immobilize the athlete with a spine board and cervical collar.
An employment tribunal in Liverpool yesterday heard that Mr Chaloner did not fit a cervical collar or put the boy on a spinal board.
The Cervical-Stim is a flexible, lightweight, comfortable device that is worn by the patient similar to a soft cervical collar, with padding in the back of the neck and supports a small battery driven microprocessor.
He noted that there were significant neurological changes in Andy's upper extremities and that the soft cervical collar was not in place.
The torso support is used in conjunction with a cervical collar that fits around the neck, and a foam-filled neck and head support.
Cullison released Prager from the emergency department without a cervical collar and without performing a physical exam or taking x-rays of Prager's neck, despite the fact Prager complained of neck pain and had been in the rollover accident.