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I got a letter in the mail that said it was not a chain letter and that it was legal. Basically there is a list of 6 names that I send a dollar to, but also include a note that says "Please add me to you mailing list". This is what it says that makes it legal, the note to add me to their mailing list. I then take off the top name and add mine to the bottom and send it to 200 other people, it says to call this number, data line, and for 40 bucks they will mail me 200 names on self adhesive labels. Is this just another chain letter or is it legal? I'd like to try it if it is legal. It's only like 200 hundred bucks total to try it. I've spent more than that on a fun weekend, lol. so any way.


It is normally not legal, and usually does not work...
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After Chain Letters we started working on ideas and found we had similar comedy styles.
In short, they are fakes and they - and indeed chain letters of any kind - cannot "curse" or exercise any magical power over their recipients.
The grim reality is that chain letters just bring a lot of unhappiness and misery.
Anglesey CHAIN letters which ask you to send money to people you don't know, in the hope that you will later get more cash from people you also don't know, are classed as illegal lotteries.
But she is the first to admit she was completely fooled by a chain letter.
A Royal Mail spokesman said: "Neither we nor the Guinness Book of Records have any knowledge of a world record for chain letters.
The chain letters don't contain any threats should recipients fail to comply with its instructions.
then you've become a part of the fake chain letters on the Internet.
Chain letters are an intrusion and a hopeless cause, at worse they can be threatening and menacing.
The theory behind chain letters is that you send out letters to, say, 100 people; some of whom (say 10) continue the chain by sending out their own letters, adding 1,000 new recipients; some of whom (say now, 100, at the same 10 percent rate) repeat the process, making 10,000 more recipients; some of whom (say, 1,000) repeat the process, making 100,000 more recipients; some of whom (say, 10,000) repeat the process.
It wasn't one of those pray-or-else chain letters, one of those, "Don't be like Mrs.
Young offenders often use voice mail illegally to send chain messages, similar to chain letters of years past.