Chamber of commerce

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CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. A society of the principal merchants and traders of a city, who meet to promote the general trade and commerce of the place. Some of these are incorporated, as in Philadelphia.

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Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce, 17723 Chatsworth St.
A member of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, Howland is also a GNBCC member.
The statue, located outside the chamber of commerce office, makes the chamber's little log building much more visible, Todd says.
Chamber of Commerce where he led the nation in 3-year membership sales while going door-to-door talking to small business owners about the issues they find most important.
The Lansing Black Chamber is a key chapter within the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce network," said Ken Harris, President and CEO of The Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce.
Through a black chamber of commerce, we can combine our money and resources to have more economic clout," adds Clingman, who notes that African Americans own few businesses in the Cincinnati area.
Lawrence, City of Southfield; Ken Harris, President, Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce; and Charles Beckham, Chairman, Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce plan to attend the launch press conference and give remarks.
The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is an association of businesses and professions organized to create economic progress in Miami-Dade County.
Co-signers on the brief include: Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce, Florida Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, State Chamber of Oklahoma, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Texas Association of Business, Association of Washington Business and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.
Ross, a Granada Hills resident, worked with the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce in the early 1990s, coordinating volunteers for that community's street fair during its early years.
WASHINGTON -- The Business Civic Leadership Center, a 501(c)3 affiliate of the United States Chamber of Commerce, today announced the finalists for the 2006 Corporate Citizenship Awards.
Weston Area Chamber of Commerce of Weston, FL has been honored with a recognition by South Florida Business Journal in its selection of " Top 25 Chambers Of Commerce.

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