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Running the Forgotten Password wizard creates a public/private key pair for the local user account you specified in the Change Password box.
IT staffers scrambled to change passwords and user names to 3,500 faculty, staff and student accounts and 18,000 alumni accounts.
In a recent survey of professionals mainly in IT/IS management and administration, 75% of respondents said they require end users to change passwords every 13 weeks, and 64% of end users said they have written down their password at least once.
The IT manager can also add/remove users, change passwords, add/remove applications, edit system resources and view billing information.
Change passwords frequently to ensure better protection of the secure information accessible via their phones.
The ability to change passwords on-the-go with Apple Watch and iPhone is a landmark accomplishment as it provides users with the universal password and identity management that today's mobile-centric world requires.
High security institutions, including some credit unions, require employees to change passwords every 30 or 90 days.
Our own National Crime Agency says we have two weeks to change passwords and update anti-virus software before the threat is back.
Administrators may change passwords at random, or they may fail to change them altogether and thereby violate regulations and standards.
Sega customers have been advised to change passwords and be alert if they received emails requested their information.
Victims are urged to scan their computer with up-to-date anti-virus software, change passwords, and review all Facebook applications and settings.
The Unite union urged members to examine bank accounts and change passwords, fearing the sensitive data may get into the wrong hands.