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Down he fell into the chasm, crackling down among trees, bushes, logs, loose stones, till he lay bruised and groaning thirty feet below.
We withdrew hurriedly from the chasm, our minds full of this new development and its bearing upon our plans.
The tree was a good sixty feet in height, and if it only fell the right way it would easily cross the chasm.
No human ingenuity could suggest a means of bridging the chasm which yawned between ourselves and our past lives.
Duncan seized the favorable moment to spring to the body of Gamut, which he bore within the shelter of the narrow chasm that protected the sisters.
Without waiting for a reply, he tore himself from the presence of the sisters, and joined the scout and his companions, who still lay within the protection of the little chasm between the two caves.
So much for the increased horrors of the chasm of Loch Fyne when emptied.
In addition to the funding received from the Australian Government, Standley Chasm was also awarded $60,000 through the Northern Territory Governments Tourism Infrastructure Development Fund to upgrade Standley Chasms picnic area and install birdwatching hides, which will entice even more visitors to the attraction.
These faults and fractures run at least 1,100 miles (about 1,800 kilometers) long and in places there are chasms 4.
Gosford Park (USA Films, 2001) Robert Altman's satirical comedy about a murder at an English country estate during a weekend hunt uses the vehicle of shared meals to uncover the deadly chasms sundering families and communities.
Two river gorges along the Atlantic seaboard were carved out over a geologically short period, according to analyses of rock samples from the chasms.
And in doing so this view creates chasms between God and human, chasms which the cross was supposed to destroy.