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In Othello, as we have seen in Juan Latino, descriptions of service often yoke together older discourses of chivalry and patronage with newer discourses of chattel slavery.
What is essential to retain is that, just because some individual African rulers were corrupt and participated criminally in transatlantic slavery, this does not mean that chattel slavery had been lawful in their respective countries.
During the several centuries leading up to the period of dividing up and distributing African land among European states, the history and experience of the slave trade and chattel slavery provided a clear indication of where whites and blacks were to be located in the racial hierarchy (Banton 1977; Gossett 1965).
Rejecting comparisons with southern chattel slavery, he details the labor system that Spanish priests created at Mission San Gabriel and identifies the types of work that California Indians performed at the missions.
Many younger readers will be familiar with Douglass's role in the mid-nineteenth century as a leader of the movement to abolish African American chattel slavery, but some may be puzzled by the reference to Davis as a twenty-first-century "abolitionist.
Liverpool merchants operated chattel slavery, when the African captives were regarded as property which could be bought and sold.
The Scottsboro Boys' ordeal was part of a continuing and greater legacy, that of chattel slavery.
is herself outraged by the men's perversion of authentic Christianity and their exploitation of women's talents to insulate patriarchy and chattel slavery from moral evaluation and eventual elimination.
There thus emerged a tragic irony of history: the virtually simultaneous explosion of the exploitation of Africans in a system of chattel slavery and mercantile-controlled, corporate market economies, while at the same time, philosophers and intellectuals espoused the virtues and limits of government with an eye on sanctioning and protecting freedoms and the inalienable rights of mankind (Locke 1690).
For example, early in the development of the institution of slavery in the United States, the seventeenth-century English colonists in Virginia struggled with the role that Christianity played in defining the moral question of chattel slavery.
This collection of 16 essays covering topics such as the nature of free labour and chattel slavery, consumer and producer cooperatives, political mobilisations in the form of strikes, consumer protest and labour internationalism, as well theoretical constructs such as 'world systems theory' and 'entangled subsistence labour', arise from work at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, where the concept of 'Global Labor History' was allegedly invented.
A dozen years of constant warfare has led the Congolese to rediscover such timeworn customs of Attic Greece as warring city-states, a more traditional role for women, and chattel slavery.